Application Procedures

Application Procedures:

Add Glaze Crystals to glaze slurry after milling. Larger sized crystals may simply be blunged into the glaze at low mixing speed. When using smaller sized crystals, it may be necessary to measure out the amount of crystals to be used, add sufficient water to cover, then add a small amount of liquid dishwasher detergent. Stir gently to break up surface tension and promote dispersion. Add entire mixture to glaze batch and blend in.

Crystaled glazes may be applied to ware using any conventional method. Special spray nozzles with larger openings may be required for crystal sizes exceeding 30 mesh (0.6mm). Higher specific gravity and viscosity may be needed to keep larger crystals in suspension in dipping and brushing glazes. Usage percentages will vary depending on desired effects. Generally, the finer the crystal size, the smaller the quantity required. Most wall tile crystal glazes contain about 0.3% specks based on dry weight of glaze.

FLG-464 Blue Crystals 6/16 MeshFLG-470 White Crystals 6/10 MeshFLG-489 Moss Green Crystals 6/20 MeshFLG-491 Chartreuse Crystals 6/20 MeshFLG-541 Red Crystals 6/16 Mesh