About Us

RABCO, Inc. has been supplying Ceramic Glaze Crystals for use in ceramic coatings since 1979. Our customer list includes virtually all domestic manufacturers of glazed wall and floor tile, commercial dinnerware and cookware, prepared hobby glazes, lamp bases and artware, structural clay products, specialty porcelain and sanitary ware. In addition to the conventional “gold dust” and “salt & pepper” effects, Glaze Crystals can be used in many other ways to provide your products with new and different looks.

Our regular Glaze Crystals offer another design tool to enhance the "flat" look of many ceramic coatings. These materials can introduce complimentary or contrasting colors to the background color.
Combining several colors and sizes can result in the ever-popular "Granite" look. Using only one color in a disco-applied granite glaze can shift the overall color effect without another glaze application.
RABCO Glaze Crystals can simulate iron spots on brick and quarry tile surfaces and can be used to produce the ever popular "enamel ware" coatings on white ware bodies. Also, we offer "reactive" Glaze Crystals, the use of which can produce unusual and often unpredictable results in certain glaze compositions.

FLG-464 Blue Crystals 6/16 MeshFLG-470 White Crystals 6/10 MeshFLG-489 Moss Green Crystals 6/20 MeshFLG-491 Chartreuse Crystals 6/20 MeshFLG-541 Red Crystals 6/16 Mesh